3.7cm Flak 18/36/37

...Camera On Number 20 from MMP Books

Title: 3.7cm Flak 18/36/37
Author: Alan Ranger
Publisher: MMP Books
ISBN: 978-83-65958-55-6

Number 20 in the Camera On series from MMP Books, again with archive images from Alan Ranger's incredible collection. Following the usual format for these softcover 80-page books, it begins with the Introduction and basic details of the Flak 18, the Flak 37, and though not included among the photos, the Flak 43, a variant that went on to influence many post war designs.
What we then have is another superb set of archive images, all equally well captioned. They are divided into 3 main sections, these being for the Flak 18, the Flak 36, the Flak 37 plus one page showing the Romanian built Tun Antiaerian Rheinmetall calibru 37mm model 1939, a licence built version by the Astra company of Brasov. The important point to make about this book is that it firmly concentrates on the towed version rather than any fitted to self-propelled mounts. So, we see lots of details of the gun mountings themselves but particularly the variety of gun platforms that were used on the different versions, including some circular mounts that had been simply removed from Kreigsmarine vessels. We also see the mix of emplacement they were deployed in. Some are on open farmland, others in well built wooden emplacements and others in field positions where the crew have built up earth banks around the gun. For the modeller these details are ideal, lots of inspiration for dioramas.
Like many modellers and others interested in WW2 history I really like this series of photo references for showing a collection of photos which have largely not been published before, an excellent addition to the Camera On series.
Thanks to MMP Books for our review copy.